Made by Rae Bianca Dress

Here's how my sewing sometimes works:
1) Find some amazing fabric. Cannot resist buying it, but not sure what it'll be used for. Buy some (between 1m and 2.5m), hoping it'll be enough for something.
2) Wash it, and put it in stash. Gaze at it every so often, wondering what to do...
3) Spend far too long on the internet, independent pattern sites and Pinterest, looking for inspiration.
4) Several months (or years) later, find the PERFECT pattern, and the rest is history.

This dress has a similar history, except the fabric was a gift from a good friend who had the opportunity to spend a morning in the Mangaldas Market in Mumbai (so jealous!) and brought it back for me after I told her about my latest obsession with indigo dyes. And it only spent a few months in my stash, not years.

I have also spent a LOT of time checking out Made by Rae patterns, looking at other people's makes online (the researcher in me can't help it - all decisions need evidence behind them!), and wondering if the style would suit me. I took the plunge with the Bianca pattern:

I managed to squeeze the dress length out of the fabric I had. I also did the external facing, and cut the facing piece on the bias. The contrast isn't quite as dramatic as I'd hoped, but if you look closely, you can see the difference. Okay, maybe only I can! I made it in an afternoon and part of the evening (with significant interruptions from children, making dinner, etc. etc.). So not only is it fun to make, it's a quick sew too!

I was worried the style would be too 'maternity-like' on me, but I think this fabric has enough drape that it doesn't tent out too much under the elastic. It's a fairly thin cotton, so I did interface the facing pieces. I also used the elastic casing, rather than attempting shirring for the first time. 

Having worn it for a few hours, I can attest to the comfort and ease of wearing. And it's a perfect weight for the hot and humid days we're having. (Wait...that would be how it always is!)

My only issue was with the dye coming off on my fingers as I sewed (despite having pre-washed it). Hopefully this will become less of an issue after a few more washes. 

I'm inspired to make more tops with this pattern, and already have a request from a friend to make it with long sleeves. Maybe I'll even try the Washi dress/top next!


  1. Hello! I'm a sewer (just starting off) living in Singapore too! Was just wondering if you could share where you get your fabric from in Singapore! :)

  2. Hi - most of the fabric I get is either from Sing Mui Heng in the Tan Boon Liat building, or from Chinatown (Malin Textiles, Fabricity or Brighton Accessories, which are all in the People's Park Centre on the 3rd floor). Lye Nai Shiong, on the same floor, is good for zippers, elastic, ribbons, etc. Happy hunting!

  3. Ooh, so lovely!! It looks fantastic on you!


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