Friday, 20 November 2015

Oliver + S badminton dress

After the recent success of the Popover Sundress, I decided to try another Oliver + S dress - this time, the Badminton Dress. You can make it as a top with skorts (in my line-up of projects do to soon!), or as a dress. This is one of the few paper patterns I own from Oliver + S, so I was quite happy to skip the steps of printing, cutting, taping and tracing before I could get to cutting the fabric!

I did modify the pattern a bit. The original pattern calls for a scalloped hem in the same fabric as the main dress, but it seemed that a contrasting hem would look better this time. I cut a bias 3 1/2" wide and had to play around a bit with the length, and thankfully it worked out. Although the neck edge and shoulder ruffle do require a bit of patience, there are no zippers or buttons to worry about, so all in all, it's a great pattern to work with.

I found this wonderful organic cotton from Cloud 9 Fabrics designed by Sarah Watson just by chance when wandering through the sale section in Sing Mui Heng. At the time I didn't have a plan for it, so I bought the 1-yard minimum and decided I'd find a use later. A friend has asked me to make her daughter a dress with the same fabric...luckily it's still on sale! And of course I couldn't resist adding a few more pieces to my stash. Who knows what they'll turn into?!

Sunday, 8 November 2015

oliver + s popover sundress

I recently read an article by someone saying that all her sewing projects seemed to take on a 'one step forward, two steps back' theme. I know the feeling...some days, it feels as though I use my seam ripper more than my sewing machine. I recently finished the Mojave dress from the Seamwork magazine, and although it's supposed to be a 3-hour project, I seemed to spend half that time correcting mistakes (I'll blog more about that dress later). Maybe I shouldn't have started it when I was jet-lagged (!), but the frustration led me to look for a quick and easy project that I could hopefully finish with less errors.

Enter the oliver + s popover sundress...

I've had the pattern for a while now, but only just got around to sewing it a few afternoons ago. Luckily I had ready-made bias in my stash, so I searched for fabric to match (backwards, yes!), et voila! The recipient was quite pleased with it and it has been widely admired. Funny when something so simple gets so much attention. Maybe it's those orange bows?!

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Cushions (or what to do when you're bored)

Every so often I look around my house and have an overwhelming urge to change something. Maybe it's the children's toys strewn around every room, or reading too many articles about fancy houses where every room is perfect, I'm not sure. While changing furniture is a bit excessive (and we can't just keep adding more furniture), it's a lot easier to update the small things - cushions!

Given the battering and abuse that our throw pillows generally receive, I wasn't going to embark on anything fancy. I've already made a cushion for our cedar chest using silk (and made my own piping out of silk), but after that got the Crayola marker treatment, 'washable' was the key.

On a recent trip home to Canada, I found some cheery fabric in teal, brown and green and so the new colour scheme for our living room was born!

The cushion on the left was a made using the left-over scraps from the first two and probably worked out better because it's slightly smaller (so the cushion looks fatter).

I bought 0.5m of each fabric (115cm wide) and got 3 cushion covers for 40cm square cushions. Now my challenge is to find complementary fabric for more cushions - we need at least 3 more. Hopefully it's not too hard, or I might have to make a special request for more of the same to be mailed from Canada!