Seamwork Addison

FINALLY! I can finally blog about a successful creation from Seamwork/Colette patterns! While I do like the style of the patterns, the clarity of the instructions, and the handy tips on the Colette website, until this most recent top, I've had multiple issues with the finished product.

1) Colette Dahlia dress - I made the sleeveless version, and although I did make a muslin, the bodice length is  still about 3cm too long. It's wearable after adjusting the straps, but will need more adjustments next time.

2) Taffy blouse (from the Colette Sewing Handbook) - the neck was HUGE and it's only wearable after taking a pleat in the front.

3) Seamwork Mojave dress - the neck and shoulders are, again, huge and due to the construction of the dress, there's no way to really modify it and make it wearable. Sad, since I used a lovely Liberty tana lawn. I'm trying to see if I can refashion it into something else...

4) Seamwork Akita - neck was too big. I cut a size 6 everywhere else, but used the size 2 guide for the neck and it's still too wide. I used a cotton cheesecloth-type fabric, which stretches out after a few hours of wear, so it's okay to wear around the house, but I can't really wear it out for very long.

5) Colette Crepe - this one is okay (just), but the waist keeps riding up when I wear it, and the neck is again a bit too wide, so I find myself adjusting it constantly. That, and the armhole facings keep popping out, despite understitching them. I used a great Japanese lawn, but don't find myself wearing it as often as I thought I would.

So clearly I need to make some major adjustments to the neck and shoulder widths the next time I make one of these patterns, but I'm just not confident enough to do it without some help.

But, here's one that FINALLY worked. Yay! The Seamwork Addison is meant to have a collar, but I opted to do it without (not a big collar fan).

Seamwork Addison (without the collar)
The hem is straight (really!) but it's probably the way I'm standing that makes it look wonky. I'm especially happy because I managed to get this out of just 1 1/2 yards of fabric, instead of the 2+ yards indicated on the instructions. I bought this lovely Art Gallery Fabrics print a while back, without a specific garment in mind, and when this pattern came out earlier this year in the Seamwork Magazine, I thought it would be perfect. I cut a size 4 at the bust and graded it out to a size 6, although next time I might just do a straight size 6 for a little more ease through the shoulders.

The style is great for the Singapore weather, and after a day of wearing it, including an impromptu game of badminton, it's stood up quite well! After my previous not-so-successful makes from Colette/Seamwork, I'm quite pleased to have one that fits, and was quick too...


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