New Look 6407

Last summer, going through my mother's sewing pattern collection, I found 2 blouse patterns that I thought I might be able to use in Singapore. It's taken me all this time to decide which one to make...and as it turns out, I ended up mashing them together into one blouse!

This was another example of having fabric and needing to find a pattern that would do the fabric justice, but also use the yardage I had on hand! 

I bought this beautiful Art Gallery voile a while ago - I love the colours and wanted something with a bolder pattern than I usually wear. I didn't have enough fabric for the sleeves in the original pattern, so I used another New Look pattern to draft a sleeveless blouse and finished the armholes with a bias binding (made from the same voile). 

Overall, I'm really happy with this blouse and the fit. The darts aren't perfect, but they're pretty close. The best part is the fabric...I am in LOVE with Art Gallery voile. It's soft and luxurious to wear, and perfect for hot and humid weather. I have another yard of voile in a turquoise that I bought for my daughter but I might just steal it away for some selfish sewing... ;)


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