Oliver + S Hula Hoop Skirt

Which 3-year old doesn't like swingy skirts?! So far (much to my relief), my daughter hasn't caught the tutu-craze that seems to be endemic amongst most girls her age. But she does like skirts that are easy to pull on and off. Having already made her several Badminton Skorts, I thought I should try something new. And, since Miss A is especially picky about what she wears these days, I had to check the fabric choices with her first!

I picked up the red cotton when I was in London 2 years ago, and the blue chambray is from an a-line skirt that failed terribly. I kept the failed skirt so I could re-use the fabric and there is plenty for at least 2 more skirts for little girls. If you look carefully, you'll see that I made a mistake when I cut the red skirt pieces, and the direction of the print is reversed from front to back. Oops! Oh well - hopefully no one will notice! It can be part of the 'wear this skirt inside out and back to front...any way you want' look!

I love the way this skirt goes together - fast and simple and no seams to finish! I did read some comments that other people have found their Hula Hoop skirts to be quite short. This doesn't seem to be an issue for me, but perhaps that's because A pulls anything she wears (skirts, shorts) down below her belly!

I really do love this skirt, and am already going through my stash of remnant fabric to see what else I can use for another one.


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