Tilly and the Buttons Miette Skirt

On our Christmas trip to London this past year, I decided (a bit impulsively) to buy a paper copy of the Miette Skirt pattern from Tilly and the Buttons. I spend FAR too long looking at independent pattern companies and their patterns online, and being tempted to get a pattern and then talking myself out of it. Usually if PDF versions aren't available, it's easy to pass up since shipping to Singapore is really expensive. But I did have my eye on Tilly and the Buttons for a while, so finally gave in to temptation and brought the pattern home. I need more basic skirts, and this one seemed quick to sew (no zips! no buttons!).

I stumbled across a lovely little fabric shop in Chinatown called Fabricity and when my mother was in town, I convinced her to go with me. They carry lovely shirting fabric, some Liberty prints, and some linen blends. So this linen-rayon blend turned into the Miette skirt:

I love the red-black colour of this fabric, but it is definitely a LOT of rayon with very little linen. It doesn't wrinkle and barely needs to be ironed. All great when it comes to wearability, but sewing it was a little challenging. It stretched out of shape, despite stay-stitching the waist, and the somehow the pocket pieces grew, so I had to put in a pleat on each pocket so they'd line up. But wow - are those deep pockets fabulous! Especially handy when you have small children needing you to carry their prized possessions around!

The pattern itself is really easy to sew, with clear instructions. It would be great for a beginner who wants a pretty end product without having to fuss with buttons and zips. 


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