An Oliver + S sewing spree

It's January. Kids are back at school, life is in a 'normal' routine, and the anticipated start date of a new job has been pushed back by at least a month. AND my parents are visiting for a month. So what does this mean? An unexpected extra month of guilt-free sewing time. With the two little ones spending all their free time with their grandparents, I can happily spend time holed up in my sewing space, undisturbed.

And I've been on an oliver + s sewing spree...

Oliver + S Family Reunion Dress

Close up of the front (pardon the bad ironing crease!)

Badminton Skort 1

Badminton Skort 2

Contrast fabric for the shorts on the Badminton Skort

Sketchbook Shorts

Sketchbook Shorts - finally got the pleats right!

I bought 1 yard (54" wide) of the navy blue polka dot fabric (a Japanese cotton) and it was enough for one skort, plus the shorts and waistband on a second pair. I have enough of the mushroom fabric to make a contrast yoke on a dress or tunic, or a small skirt. 

My first pair of Sketchbook Shorts were a bit of a failure - the pleats didn't come out in the right place, I did something wrong with the faux fly, and couldn't get the waistband to sit properly. My son still wears them (thank goodness for long t-shirts that cover up these mistakes!). Thankfully, this second pair seemed to sew up without any issues - I probably just paid a more attention when I was sewing! They're quite long, so I put in a wider hem and turned them up for a cuff. If my son keeps growing taller, and not wider, they should fit for a while.

There was also a pair of (un-photographed) linen pajama pants for my husband. On to some sewing for myself...a Grainline Studio Alder Shirtdress, and the Grainline Studio Lakeside Pajamas. Let's see how productive I can be in the next 10 days!


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