The Olivia Cardigan

As a true sewer (sewist?), knitter, crafter, I have about 3 projects on the go at one time. That is probably a conservative estimate. I just cannot seem to stick to the 'don't start one until the other is finished' approach to creating things. Maybe it's the need to add variety to my life. I'd like to think it's that, and not a short attention span...

That said, I actually finished not one, not two but THREE projects this weekend. Yay me!

First up, the Olivia Cardigan from What To Knit - The Toddler Years.

I started this when A was ill with a fever that meant all I could do was sit beside her on the sofa. I think I managed to finish more than half the sweater this way. The rest knitted up quickly, even the lace pattern on the bottom. I love that the only finishing required is under the sleeves. Knitting from the top-down is GREAT! I used Malabrigo Arroyo yarn in Archangel - it's so nice to knit with, and drapes well when finished. It's supposed to be blocked, but I'm afraid to do it in Singapore where wet sweaters just start smelling funky instead of drying properly. I think it's actually fine as it is, so might just skip the blocking on this one.

My next knitting project is for me - much more complicated and requires far more attention to the instructions. I have a feeling I won't finish that one for a while...


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